We are a Vancouver law firm that provides family law services, wills and estate planning.

We are a boutique Vancouver law firm, with an experienced team of three lawyers, that are personable, compassionate and approachable.  We are knowledgeable and experienced in trials and litigation at various levels of court, but we also understand your need to minimize legal costs.  We have extensive experience in dispute resolution, such as negotiating settlements and agreements that can keep you out of court.  We can also help you guard yourself against possible future conflicts and legal disputes by drafting and reviewing legal documents that are instrumental in protecting your legal rights.

Our lawyers provide a select range of services:


Family Law

Rebecca Anderson and Crystal Lee are family lawyers with solid and extensive experience in a wide range of family-related legal issues, such as:  

  • Written agreements (contracts) - cohabitation agreements, prenuptial/marriage agreements, and separation agreements
  • Divorce proceedings - whether litigious (requiring attendance at court) or on an uncontested “desk-order” basis (without the need to attend at court in person)
  • Other family-law matters – guardianship and custody of children, allocation of parental responsibilities, scheduling of parenting time, child support, spousal support, division of family assets and family debts


Will and Estate Planning

Edward Takayanagi offers comprehensive services in this area of law, such as:

  • Wills and Estate Planning – review and prepare documents to protect your assets and your loved ones, such as wills, representation agreements and powers of attorney;
  • Estate Administration -assisting you through court procedures when a loved one has passed away.


Business Law & Non-For Profit Law

Edward Takayanagi provides advice and services for businesses and non-profit organizations.


Our Vancouver law firm is committed to providing our clients with clear, compassionate, and accurate advice while ensuring their legal rights are protected.